Tasting trans-Sumatra connectivity

The Durian has become a food that travelers need to eat if they visit Medan. “You have not visited Medan if you have not tasted durian of Ucok”- become the famous tagline of delicious durian store in the capital of Medan in Sumatera Island. The durian in Medan mostly supplied from the Medan area for example Sidikalang. Therefore, the presence of toll-road will make a huge impact toward the businesses in Medan. In durian cases, the toll-road itself will make the supplier of durian arrive two hours earlier after the toll-road open said Abidin Chaniago in a testimonial video.

The Medan-Binjai toll road is just a small section of the trans-Sumatra toll road that is to stretch from Aceh in the north to Lampung in the south. The total length of the toll road is to be 2,048 kilometers. “The trans-Sumatra is expected to be ready by 2014” Hutama Karya President Director Bintang Prabowo told journalist in Medan on Wednesday. Right now, Hutama Karya is still preparing for the operation of the 2,7-km Helvetia-Marelan subsection, which is part of the Medan-Binjai section.

Despite the rosy picture, Hutama Karya is also facing tough challenges especially for 40 percent has not yet been acquired, especially in land acquisition. With the same optimism, business people like Abidin Chaniago, they see nothing to worry about.

Source: Jakarta Post March 11, 2019 by Primastuti Handayani