More Indonesians invest in jewelry

The Jewelry has become an accessory that cannot be separate by human’s life especially those who live in Indonesia. In Indonesia, the jewelry has become a flexible investment because once a person buys a jewelry, it become their intention to keep and wear it or just to make sure that they have an emergency money in the future.

The attention of trade the gold into a money has become an old-trend that happen in Indonesia. For 29-year-old Aprilia Ramadhani said that “jewelry is not just an accessory but a lifesaver”. Trading a gold into a money is not always profitable but when a person needs an emergency money like what happen to Aprilia when she broke her car down, and trading a gold [jewelry] could become the lifesaver.

For Indonesians, investing jewelry is common activities for them however, the todays trend stated that many people who buy a jewelry are going to sell it in the future instead of keeping it. Seeing this trend, PT Hartadinata, the country’s first publicly listed jewelry maker, announced a new strategy to expand its retail segment by opening more stores to gain a company profit.

The design of jewelry has become a new attention of the buyers. Like what Aprilia did that she would look at the jewelry design before considering about the value on it. It is the same with Sakinah Assegaf that she takes the consideration of the design while the profit come second.

Caroline Wihono, the Director of Singapore based jewelry maker CW Jewels noted a shift that people in Indonesia use their gold investment into something that can reflect or represent themselves. The company said that they get many requests for colorful gemstones and attention grabbing. From this statement, it reflects that many people of Indonesia are really put an attention toward their fashion and styles.

Technology also put a contribution on how they put a part in jewelry business. Indonesia is a country where the people are connected through social media, they are easily influenced to follow what people wear. CW Jewels factory which located in Semarang creates a technology where it can custom-made jewelry using 3D modelling. Caroline believe that her optimism with the infrastructure will bring a huge impact toward the company in its home country. It also reflected on how the development of technology habits in Indonesia will foresee the trend of jewelry in 2019 even 2020.

Indonesia jewelry market has grown by 13 percent year-on-year to 21 trillion rupiah according to market research firm Euromonitor International. Fine jewelry made of combination of gold, silver and other metals may increase by 7.8 percent annually until 2021.

Source: Jakarta Post Friday March 8, 2019