Andrew Life - Hon. Treasurer


I am from England and amcurrently working for HSBC in Indonesia, covering remediation of risk andcontrols.  I joined the HSBC Group in1997, originally within “HSBC Invoice Finance”, based in Worthing, UK.  I have performed a number of roles withinRisk and Finance within the HSBC Group, including roles within the UK Financeteam and the UK Asset and Liability Management team supporting the UK BankingOperations.  I have also held a positionwithin the Group Risk team, covering market risk exposures across the HSBCGroup.  I moved in Indonesia originallyin 2009, working for HSBC Indonesia, covering Treasury Finance and Operationsand also Asset and Liability Management for HSBC’s operations within Indonesia.  I then moved to Vietnam in 2012 and held theposition of Chief Risk Officer for HSBC Vietnam, before returning to Indonesiain 2016 to take-up my current role.

I am a qualified Management Accountant, holding CIMA membership and am also amember of the Institution of Corporate Treasurers.



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