[VID] BritCham CEO Series featuring Dharnesh Gamunlal Gordhon - President Director of Nestlé Indonesia

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On 25th September 2017, we held our third BritCham CEO Series exclusively in Association with BritCham Professional Women's Group. On the event, we welcome NESTLÉ INDONESIA’S President Director Dharnesh Gordhon, who will share NESTLÉ'S vision for contributing to a healthier future for Indonesians.

As the world's leading nutrition, health and wellbeing company, NESTLÉ started operations in Indonesia in 1971. NESTLÉ INDONESIA now has approximately 3,400 employees and operates four factories across four different regions in Indonesia (East Java, Lampung, Banten and West Java). Richer or poorer, residing in developed cities or in more remote regions, NESTLÉ is a part of our lives.

Found out how NESTLÉ keep up with the needs of the local society and how they develop a way for environmental sustainability, through this video.

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