Indonesian Culture Festival Captivates Local London Residents

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Indonesian cultural and culinary performances presented by the Indonesian Embassy in London, England, managed to attract the attention of Londoners. Activities in order to enliven the 72nd anniversary of Indonesia was conducted at Wisma Nusantara in Bishops Grove, Bishops Avenue London, Saturday, 12/8.

"The food is all delicious," says Emma Steel, a manager at a print media company in London and living in Chelmsford. That afternoon she tried food empek-empek, bakso, and rice.

Emma Steel, came with her partner Joshua, a rock musician living in the Essex area. In addition to enjoying a variety of Indonesian culinary, they also want to see the culture of Indonesia. Also featured on the show were Britain's Got Talent finalists, Ana and Fia Almanda, who are quite phenomenal in the UK.

Emma admitted coming to the show because her colleague invited her. "I came to this event with the intention to enjoy the food and meet the people of Indonesia," he said.

Emma was trying fried tempe mendoan, bala-bala, tahu isi, bakso, and satay Padang. Empek-Empek Palembang which she admitted was very delicious with the spicy and sweet taste.

"I do not eat breakfast because I want to enjoy the food here, my heart is very happy"

Meanwhile Jatinder, a British Indian man who works as an IT manager, enjoyed the Independence Day event. Jatinder lives in the East of London and enjoys the hospitality of Indonesians, especially when talking to Ambassador Rizal Sukma.

"We enjoyed the food, forgetting that we were on a diet, I will come again next year," he said.

Joshua who had a chance to talk with Ambassador Rizal Sukma plans to take a vacation to Indonesia next year. Especially now there are direct flights from London to Jakarta with Garuda Indonesia.

Joshua admitted he tasted almost all the food that was sold, starting at 11:00 until the end of the festival.

"I can not walk in, if I'm invited next year by the Ambassador, I'll be on stage here, "Joshua said.

Editor and press officer of TEAS Azerbaijan magazine, Neil Watson said after watching this event, he wanted to visit Indonesia. He admitted he fell in love with Indonesia, immediately wanting to take a vacation to Indonesia.

"I tasted nasi campur along with all the different dishes, there was tempeh and vegetables and balado fish, it was delicious, I regret coming a little late because most of the food is sold out," said Neil who lives in the South of London.

While Nancy living in the East of London always took time to come every year. She wants to enjoy the food and can hear the dangdut songs that are included.

Ana and Amanda say she is happy to win a raffle of a 49 inch TV. "I will give this gift to my friend as her 60th birthday present," said Nancy, who has been living in London for a long time.

A lucky mom recieved the  grand prize of a London-Denpasar business class ticket donated by Garuda Indonesia. This airline is actively involved in the activities of Indonesian society in London.

Transportation Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in London, Simson Sinaga, expressed appreciation to the management of Garuda London Representative who provided the prize.

Source: Tempo

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