Energy Council to Advance Electric Car Development

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The National Energy Council (DEN) is optimistic that the development of electric cars in Indonesia will advance the growth of renewable energy.

Rinaldy Dalimi, a member of DEN, said that electric cars could push the potential of renewable energy if electric vehicles get their power source from a renewable energy based power plant. 

"There must be an acceleration on mastering the technology of battery and solar cell. Such as in France that applies solar cell technology in car's charger station," he said Friday, August 4.

He highlighted the government’s vital role in initiating the development of electric vehicles.

Rinaldy said Indonesia could follow the steps taken by other countries such as France, India, and England that support the electric car development. France, he added, has started a program that will manage to scrape the use of internal combustion vehicles by 2040.

“We are preparing a Presidential decree on the acceleration of the use of electric cars.” he said.

Source: Tempo

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