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by Sony Jethnani


Elevating & Connecting Women in Business in Indonesia

The BritCham PWG was established in May 2010 under the guidance of the Executive Director.

Vision: Our USP is that we are the first women-only group within European chambers. PWG’s vision is to encourage and help women develop new business connections, learn new skills and improve their career; advocating fairness and  equality for women; attract new Britcham members and encourage more engagement within Britcham community; create a trend & following for PWG.

Target: All women in business in Indonesia – Members and Non-members of Britcham

Events: Personal and Business Development. Learning/sharing and networking as a regular event with guest speakers


The BritCham PWG Committee:

Sony Jethnani, Chairwoman, business owner, Sony Jethnani Consulting
Poonam Sagar, Public Relations, business owner,  PT Infotech
Wendy Kusumadiwidgo, Marketing,  Wendy Kusumadiwidgo, Business Owner, Outbound Indonesia.

During 2015, the group committed to transition to a more popular format of discussion comprising a panel of leaders and experts. The events are scheduled to be held every two months over a breakfast snack, between 8 – 10am.


Events in 2015 & 2016 have included:

- June 9th; Speakers: Amien Krisna - Founder and CEO of Sonar, Frans Budi Pranata - CEO of Zalora Indonesia, Topic: Digital Marketing
- July 28th; Panelists: Anna Soubry (UK's Minister for Small Business, Industry, and Enterprise), Susi Pudjiastuti (Indonesia's Minister for Marine and Fisheries Affairs), Dian Sastrowardoyo (Actrees; Young Entrepreneur), Karina Salim (Actrees; Young Entrepreneur), Richard Graham MP (Trade Envoy to Indonesia), Topic: Women in Leadership in the UK & Indonesia
- Aug 26th; Speakers: Dr. Kiran Bedi is a founder of two NGOs, Navjyoti and India Vision Foundation, which reach out to thousands of under -served children, women and men, Topic: Insights & Values of a World Class Woman Leader
- Apr 27th; Speaker: Ibu Shanti L. Poesposoetjipto, Chairman of PT. Samudera Indonesia Tbk, Topic: Celebrating Women in Business


PWG events were sponsored by JAC Recruitment Indonesia, CEO Suite and AETNA. Other interest in sponsorship support is welcome: Please encourage the female members in your organization to join our next events.




Women in Leadership in the UK and Indonesia- 28 July 2015

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