Foreign and Commonwealth Office Guidelines

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Guidelines forTrade Missions Delegates


FCO Safety and Security Guidelines

Be aware of therisk street crime and pick-pocketing. Take sensible measures to protect yourself and your belongings. Take particular care of your passport and bank cardsand avoid travelling alone.

Credit card fraudis common. Don’t lose sight of your card during transactions. Criminalsometimes place a fake telephone number on ATMs advising customers to reportproblems. Customers dialing the number are asked for their pin and their cardis then retained within the machine.

Beware of thieveson public transport. If you are travelling by car keep doors locked at alltimes. Only book taxis with a reputable firm. You can ask your hotel to bookone for you. British Embassy staff is advised to use only taxis from Bluebird,Silverbird or Express Groups. They are widely available at hotels and shoppingmalls in Central Jakarta and at Soekarno-International Airport. Don’t useunlicensed taxi drivers at the airport or anywhere else. 

Methanol Poisoning

There have been anumber of deaths and cases of serious illness of locals and foreigners inIndonesia caused by drinking alcoholic drinks contaminated with methanol. Thesecases have occurred in bars, shops and hotels in popular tourist areas such asBali, Lombok and Sumatra. Criminal gangs have reportedly manufacturedcounterfeit replicas of well-known brands of alcohol but containing highamounts of methanol. Take extreme care when purchasing spirit based drinks asbottles may appear to be genuine when they are not.

There have alsobeen cases of methanol poisoning from drinking adulterated arak/arrack, a localrice or palm liquor. Make sure cocktails are prepared in your sight and don’tleave drinks unattended as there have been reports of drink-spiking (withdrugs) in clubs and nightspots. If you or someone you are travelling with, showsigns of methanol poisoning or drink-spiking, seek immediate medical attention.

Local Travel

Make sure you havethe correct permits when planning local travel within Indonesia. Use a reliableand reputable guide for any adventure trip otherwise you may have difficultieswith local authorities if you need their help. For longer journeys, notifyfriends of your travel plans, contact them on arrival and where possible travelin convoy.

Always carry areliable means of communications with you.

Traffic disciplineis very poor. Foreigners involved in even minor traffic violations or accidentsmay be vulnerable to exploitation. Consider employing a private river or hiringa car with a driver. Some multinational companies don’t allow their expatriatestaff to drive in Indonesia. Make sure you wear a helmet if you are riding amotorbike or moped. 
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