Useful Bahasa Indonesia in Case of Emergency

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1. English: Please take me to …
Indonesian: Antar saya ke … (Show the adress)
2. English: Where am I?
Indonesian: Dimana saya?
3. English: Wait for me here
Indonesian: Tunggu saya di sini
4. English: How much does it cost?
Indonesian: Harganya berapa?
5. English: How much do I need to pay?
Indonesian: Saya bayar berapa?
6. English: How long does it take to go?
Indonesian: Berapa lama ke … (Mention the place)
7. English: Turn right
Indonesian: Belok kanan
8. English: Turn left
Indonesian: Belok kiri
9. English: Go straight
Indonesian: Lurus
10. English: Turn around
Indonesian: Putar balik
11. English: Stop here
Indonesian: Berhenti disini
12. English: Where is my change?
Indonesian: Mana kembaliannya?
13. English: Thank you
Indonesian: Terima kasih
14. English: What time is it now?
Indonesian: Jam berapa?
15. English: I want to order …
Indonesian: Saya ingin pesan …
16. English: I want to buy
Indonesian: Saya ingin beli …
17. English: I want the receipt
Indonesian: Saya minta struk 

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