Applying for Work Permits

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The PMA Company should first submit manpower plan approval (Rencana Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing/ RPTKA) application to the Office of theState Minister/BPM-PBUMN or BKPMD with the following attachments:

  1. Indonesian Co-Manpower Utilization Plan including educational levels, job experiences and education and training program;

  2. Copy of Investment approval showing number of approved expatriates;

  3. Copy of the current Articles of Association/Cooperative by-laws as to the organization/cooperative structure;

  4. Copy of the current Investment Activity Report (Laporan Kegiatan Penanaman Modal/LKPM) or Annual Report (A.3) for Regional Representative Office.

For positions in mining and energy, oil and natural gas subsector and medical treatment service, advised to attach recommendation from Director General Concerned.

For the application for RPTKA renewal/addition/modification:

  1. Copy of the former RPTKA approval;

  2. Reasons and report of the Indonesian Manpower Educations Training program implementation;

  3. Proof of Manpower Report ratified by the localoffice of the Department of Manpower.

The Office of the State Minister/BPM-PBUMN/BKPMD will issue foreign manpower plan approval (RPTKA) to the PMA company and its copies to the Minister of Manpower, concerned division ministries and the BKPMD;

The RPTKA is used as a basis of consideration for granting the IKTA.

After the issuance of RPTKA approval, the PMA company is required to submit a Limited Stay VISA (Visa Tinggal Terbatas/ VITAS) application to the Office of the State Minister/BPM-PBUMN/BKPMD by filling out a Form of Ppt.2, with the following attachments:

  • Copy of valid passport of the subject expatriate;

  • The current Curriculum Vitae signed by the expatriate concerned (original);

  • Copy of certificate and/or education certificateand job references in English or translation into Indonesian Language;

  • Copy of Article of Minutes of the GeneralMeeting of Shareholders as to the appointment for position as Director;

  • Copy of job contract between Expatriate(s) andcompany;

  • Copy of the effective RPTKA approval;

  • Copy of the current Investment Activity Report (LKPM) or Annual Report A.3 for Regional Representative Office;

  • Copy of Indonesian Co-Manpower’s valid Identification Card and Decree of his or her appointment as worker.

After the Ppt.2 is evaluated, the Office of the State Minister/BPM-PBUMN/BKPMD will issue a letter of recommendation in form of TA.OIto the Director General of Immigration;

Based on the TA.OI recommendation. The Directorate General of Immigration will send a telex to the Indonesian Representative Office overseas to issue the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS) to the expatriate concerned;

On the basis of the Limited Stay Visa (VITAS), the expatriates concerned shall be allowed to enter Indonesia and to proceed to the location of the project;

For expatriate who has entered Indonesia, a work permit for expatriate (IKTA) is required. To apply for IKTA, the PMA company concerned is required to submit an application to BKPMD. The Chairman of the BKPMD authorized by the Chairman of the BPM-PBUMN for this task, shall issue the IKTAon behalf of the Minister of Manpower within 4 (four) days.

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