Doing Business

  • Negative Investment List

    The negative investment list stipulates as to which sectors are open to foreign investment in Indonesia as well as the percentage of foreign ownership permitted.This list is regularly revised with the most recent version being Presidential Decree No. 39/2014. This…
  • Investment Procedure

    Further information can be obtained from the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board website. Further information on How To Do Business in Indonesia can be accessed from the British Embassy.
  • Applying for Work Permits

    The PMA Company should first submit manpower plan approval (Rencana Penggunaan Tenaga Kerja Asing/ RPTKA) application to the Office of theState Minister/BPM-PBUMN or BKPMD with the following attachments:Indonesian Co-Manpower Utilization Plan including educational levels, job experiences and education and training…

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